Self Managed Super Funds

A SMSF can give you more control over your Superannuation money. To be cost effective you will need over $100,000 in super to make a SMSF worthwhile. You will need to discuss with your financial planner if now is the right time for a SMSF for you.

We are cost effective SMSF accountants; providing accounting, taxation and audit services for your SMSF. Accumul8 Accountants provide accounting services for a number of SMSF clients, so that you are able to benefit from the efficiencies of scale.

Our audit is outsourced as required by legislation, which gives you the benefit of an independent check.

Superannuation is an effective tax planning and wealth creation strategy.  Yes, the government likes to change the rules for super with the weather; however superannuation remains one of the most tax effective wealth creation strategies.

Due to the complexity of the rules you will need to take time to understand the requirements and make sure you comply with the requirements.

The benefit of discussing SMSF with Accumul8 Accountants is that we are independent of financial advisers and are able to advise our clients on the most tax effective strategy for their circumstances.


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