Practical Accounting Services

An expanding successful business is one of the most important tools for financial freedom. That's why as Sunshine Coast accountants we take a proactive approach with our clients' businesses to:

Improve Profitability & Growth

Growth is great, profit is better. Sometimes extra profit is just sitting there hidden; we expose it and help you with:

  • Providing practical improvements to your accounting records
  • Ideas to expand your business and create more profit
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) creation, measuring and monitoring
  • Tax effective ways to purchase new equipment and finance growth

Forecast & Monitor Cashflow

Ever heard the phrase 'cashflow is king'? Well it is. 80% of businesses go broke within the first 5 years. With a sound cashflow measurement and monitoring system; it's easier to pay bills on time, easier to fund growth and there's less chance of going broke.

  • Monthly Cashflow Management Meetings are the Key to continued sustainable growth. Treat this meeting like a board level meeting.
  • We can act as your financial controller

Increase Capital Business Value

One very important, but often overlooked, obvious aim of owning a business is to increase the capital value. When you go to sell your business, it will most likely be valued mainly on X (X being the multiplier) times average annual adjusted net profit.

  • Systemisation causes a higher business value due to predictable measurable results & that's how franchises work.
  • Properly documented financial models give a purchaser security and they'll pay more for predictable returns on investment.
  • Many other techniques, like selling a percentage of shares in your business, can dramatically increase the business multiplier.

Structure Business, Company & Trusts

When buying or growing a business the subject always comes up: "what is the best business or company or trust structure to have, that will minimise tax and help protect my assets?". We advise on this very important issue.

  • New Business Registrations
  • Shelf Company Setup
  • Family Trust Setup & Management
  • Accumul8 Accountants can be your registered office
  • ASIC Documents & Minutes

Conduct Business Valuations

Are you or did you pay too much? Is it a bargain? Are you selling for the right price? How can you justify the price? It is easy to get ripped off and a professional business valuation can minimise your risk.

It's important to have the correct ratio between goodwill and equipment as the buyer and seller have different ratios that benefit them tax wise. A properly executed business valuation will make financing easier.

Perform Due-diligence Reports Uncover holes in accounting, finance, cashflow, operations and all areas of the business so that there are no hidden issues. Often necessary for joint venture partners or banks.

As Sunshine Coast accountants, we can evaluate a business based on all the financial ratios, potential to expand and give you industry average KPI comparisons.

  • A due-diligence report is essential to good business buying.
  • We use a thirty page checklist report to examine a business for purchase.

Minimise Tax and Preserve Wealth

Do you know when is the most tax advantageous time to buy that important piece of machinery? Do you know all the pros and cons of setting up a self managed superfund? There are many, many tax issues that need to be planned for so that you can keep as much of your hard earned income as you can.

  • Legal Tax Minimisation Planning, why pay more than you have to?
  • Tax strategies for acquiring or selling equipment can save you.

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