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Most of the wealthy people in the world made their lasting wealth through property and other investments, but funded the purchase with the cashflow from their businesses. Although we are not investment advisors and can't and don't recommend any particular investment, we can educate you and point you in the right direction.


Property Investment Strategies

After finding out your goals, there are numerous property investment strategies that we can educate you about. We use our 13 point guideline to determine the appropriate investment direction including checklist and criteria guidelines. Strategies fall into 6 main areas:

  • Development: Find a property that you can subdivide, or rezone into another use to add capital value.
  • Buy and Hold: This is a long term wealth accumulation strategy whereby you rent out the property and make capital gains over time.
  • Renovations: The idea is to increase the capital value by renovating. You can then either rent it out or hold it.
  • Flips: This strategy invoices selling the property (hopefully at a profit) before settlement.
  • Lease-Options: This is when you lease a property with an option to buy, or sell yours with the same conditions.
  • Wraps: This is you being the ‘bank’ by selling your property on vendor terms with interest, rather than a lump sum.


Wealth Accumulation Strategies

Start with two basic strategies for a successful wealth accumulation program:

  • Save a percentage of your earnings consistently. We can show you how this can build up to a substantial amount for retirement.
  • Sometimes non-income producing debt gets out of hand. We can help you get back on track by setting up a sensible budget.
  • Take advantage of reduced tax investment strategies.
  • Develop a balanced investment portfolio and manage it effectively over the long term.
  • We advise on setup and manage the compliance for self-managed Superfunds.
  • We can educate you on the differences between property, shares and other investment options.

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